Thursday, 29 December 2016

Today Reminder – 29 December 2016

A reminder for today
And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful. (Colossians 3:15)

I love this part of the year. The gym is so quiet and only a few determined souls are there in the mornings. The roads are not so busy, yet the malls are filled to the brim. You would think everyone won the lottery. It is basically raining everyday now and that is so awesome. Now with the new year mere days away everyone is planning huge parties and then comes those new year resolutions. Do you have new year resolutions and do you keep them or do they seem to fade away as the year progresses. I guess everyone does it, they all start of with this year I am going to do this or change that. I always say that this year I am going to save money and then well, then the year passes. So I am awful at new year resolutions. 

But what I can tell you is that this year the Lord is going to be even greater in our lives than ever before. This new year is the year that you will see more of the Lord in all of us and all I am.
So as the last days of 2016 fade away the Lord wants us to let His peace rule our hearts. We are all united in Him and in a way you and I are connected even if you find yourself in the USA or France or Russia or the Ukraine. We are all part of this one body so I carry your heart in my prayers just as you carry me in your prayers. And I am so grateful for you, my friend, as we journey onward and more determined. You are just amazing and you are so loved.

So today take a moment and think about those new year resolutions as we allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with peace.

Lord, be our peace today as we give thanks for another year and as take a moment to reflect on what is to come, let remember what we leave behind. The good times and the bad. The friends we made and the friends we lost. The things we gained and the things we lost, but above all let us rejoice in what we gained in you. In Jesus name.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.