Friday, 29 May 2015

Today Reminder – 29 May 2015 (Day 19 – Darkness – No More)

A reminder for today
His lightning flashes out across the world. The earth sees and trembles. (Psalm 97:4)

My dear friend, do we comprehend the almighty God that we worship? There are moments in my life where I so clearly remember the might that is in Him. How He rescued me from fatal disaster and how He healed me when I was sick and desperately in need of better health. I remember all my victories that I had and how some seemed so impossible. I see His hand in my work and the wonder of the gift of knowledge that He bestowed upon me. I look at all the talents I received and those two beautiful boys that I love so much and I know how great my God is.

His lightning flashes and the earth trembles. That is so powerful and I believe you need to see this from my eyes. You see we face the impossible most days and we struggle with fear and regret all through our life. We allow pain and guild to alter who we are. Why do we have so little faith? We stare at our problems and we hide from them. Come and stand up. You are worshipping an almighty God and His lightning flashes over your life. You need to look at your problems and watch them tremble. 

I believe in restoration and we need to reconcile our lives with Him. We need to align ourselves with Jesus and fear no more. His promises are true and the life that He dreams over you is much more than your most unrealistic dreams. Jesus came to free us and we should live as free people and as a new creation in Jesus.

There is life in His Word and we must embrace this life. Watch His lightning and see all your worries tremble and disappear. It is not in taking them away, it is in believing that they will be used for His glory.

Live for Him and live my friend. He is faithful, always.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Today Reminder – 28 May 2015 (Day 18 – Darkness – No More)

A reminder for today
He led them from the darkness and deepest gloom; He snapped their chains. (Psalm 107:14)

It is ok to be not ok. Yesterday when I wanted to leave my oldest son did not want me to go. It nearly broke me. I struggled so much to get back from the depths and return to the light. Luckily I am staying over at my brother’s house. This time with them helps me to remain sane. 

I woke up today and I can feel how the Lord is leading us from this deep and dark gloom back into the path that leads to life. Sometimes we must just stand and look up and exhale for a moment. Sometimes we just need to step back for a moment and allow Jesus to take over. Sometimes we need to relax. He will snap our chains and break this darkness that continuous to bring us down. 

Jesus already took our sin and He will surely help us to carry this burden that we face each day. He will strengthen us in our weakest moment and rejoice with us in our greatest moments. With Him there is more great moments than there will ever be bad ones.

Come with me today and be great, my friend. Be more than your struggles and call out His name as a victory war cry. We fall so that we can stand up stronger.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Today Reminder – 27 May 2015 (Day 17 – Darkness – No More)

A reminder for today
The LORD went ahead of them. He guided them during the day with a pillar of cloud, and he provided light at night with a pillar of fire. This allowed them to travel by day or by night. (Exodus 13:21)

I look at all the challenges that still await us and then the Lord answers with these verses. How awesome to know that the Lord our God will guide us through any storm and any kind of weather, no matter how difficult. My days are like the waves of the ocean. They have good and bad moments. During the day my mind is busy with work, but when I am alone my mind is in a constant battle. It is hard, because I have a difficult time with accepting and understanding. I can’t accept that I can’t have my boys and I can’t understand people and their way of thinking. I can’t understand that there must always be issues.

I was afraid for what lies ahead, but today the Lord reminded me that He will cloud us against the sun and warm us in the cold of night. He will guide us on this path and lead us on our journey into the unknown. I don’t care about the hate and the guild anymore. I care about my life that will reflect His glory so that His glory will shine on those around me, especially my kids.

I quote Manny Pacquiao: “Why do I fight…. That is what God wants”.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus


Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Today Reminder – 26 May 2015 (Day 16 – Darkness – No More)

A reminder for today
Then God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)

This is probably one of my most favourite verses in the Bible. God created all of this around us and He did so by merely speaking it. Today I want us to trust God as He reminds me that He is able to speak life into the toughest of situations. As we battle each day with the continuous onslaughts from the enemy, we are reminded that God speaks and there is light.

I pray that the Lord will speak this over us today. Let there be light and let all darkness that threatens our happiness disappear as we walk and rejoice in His light. I miss my boys so much each night and it hurts so much, but God is healing my pain and my shame. I lift up my hands to the heavens and I call on His name. 

Come my friend, nothing should bring us down for we are worshipping a living God. Nothing is impossible for Him and with Him we are able to do the impossible. There are no limits in Jesus and we should stop focussing on our own limitations. Jesus gave His life for life in us. Now stand up and let is live for His glory.

There are no more darkness, because God calls light into our lives. You are so much more my friend, than the eye can see. You are a child of the creator of heaven and earth. You are worth so much that He gave up His son for you so that you may live a life free from the burdens of sin.

Break the darkness and feel the warmth of His light.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus


Monday, 25 May 2015

Today Reminder – 25 May 2015 (Day 15 – Darkness – No More)

A reminder for today
The night is almost gone; the day of salvation will soon be here. So remove your dark deeds like dirty clothes, and put on the shining armour of right living. (Romans 13:12)

Wow, what an awesome verse. I have been under huge Spiritual attacks the last few days and I could feel how the enemy is trying to dampen my good spirit and pull me back down into darkness. I worry about my boys and I worry about the days to come. I believe all happens with a purpose and that we will see God’s hand at work in our good and bad times. 

So today I remove my dark deeds like dirty clothes and put on the shining armour of right living. I open my heart and my soul so that the Lord can bring change into my life as He rebuilds all that is broken and hurt. I look up with faith and hope and I know all will be well. Time will heal our wounds and God will keep His hands over my boys and protect them from this hurt. He will turn their sadness back into joy and lift their spirits with hope.

I turn to you Lord and I bring all of me and all of you my friend to His presence as we seek His grace and His life giving breath. Let His glory burn through our veins as we rejoice. Let us sing out His glory. I am living for your glory on the earth, Lord. For the sake of the world bring back the fire in me.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus