Monday, 12 June 2017

Today Reminder – 12 June 2017

A reminder for today
This letter is from Simon Peter, a slave and apostle of Jesus Christ. I am writing to you who share the same precious faith we have. This faith was given to you because of the justice and fairness of Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour. (2 Peter 1:1)

Good day, my friend. It is a beautiful day here in Pretoria as we are almost in the midst of our winter. It is a crisp cool morning that embraced me as I left for work. South Africa are facing a few challenges as the Cape was blessed with amazing rain and fires destroyed a large part of Knysna leaving many people homeless. I know where you are you are also living amidst a number of challenges and so does all of us all over the world. 

Why am I writing to you? I am writing to you, because we share in something amazing. We share in the salvation of a risen God. We share in the love of the only living God. We share a faith that is abundant with hope and purpose. I write to you so that we can grow together in our knowledge of our God as we travel through His amazing Word and see His wonders. I write to you so that we can stand together and triumph in our darkest moments. I write to you, because I love you, my friend and we are not meant to fight alone. We received this wonderful faith, because of the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ and I want to shout it our all over the world. 

I stand with you today as I hold you in my prayers and carry you as we walk together. I stand with you, because our faith brings hope and our Saviour is alive. I stand with you, because together we are stronger. Let’s leave the past and focus on the future. Let is treasure every moment with our Lord and share is love with all we meet.  Be the light and break the darkness. Be the kind voice and break the heartache. Be the caring heart and break pain. Be the helping hand and break hate. Be the compass and lead the lost to Jesus. 

Lord, I pray that you will be with all these wonderful people all over the world. Bless each one as we read your blog and give us strength so that we will be the voice of reason in a world of darkness. Show us the way and lead us to do your will. Let us show you in the way we live. In Jesus name. 

Have an awesome day, dear friend of Jesus.