Thursday, 5 December 2013

Today Reminder – 05 December 2013 (Day 3 – A Real Christmas)

A reminder for today
"Oh, why give light to those in misery, and life to those who are bitter? They long for death, and it won't come.
They search for death more eagerly than for hidden treasure. They're filled with joy when they finally die, and rejoice when they find the grave. Why is life given to those with no future, those God has surrounded with difficulties? I cannot eat for sighing; my groans pour out like water. What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true. I have no peace, no quietness. I have no rest; only trouble comes." (Job 3:20-26)

Job finally spoke and in his words we can see the difficulty that he is going through. He has reached his end and in his misery he longs for death. He has familiar phrases in these words of anguish, for example: Why was he born? Why did he not die at birth? Why give light to those in misery? Why give life to those who are bitter? What I have always feared has happened to me.

When the burden of life becomes very heavy, we tend to ask similar questions and slip deeper into our misery until we finally break. I can see Job in pain as his body is covered in boils and with a deep sadness over the losses he had. 

Where are you currently, my dear friend? Are you asking similar questions and are you burdened by the heavy tolls of life? To be sad and worried at this time of year is probably the worst it can be. Everybody is making ready to celebrate and go on holiday and you might be in a position where that seems like a distant dream. They call this time of year the “Silly Season”, because people do silly things. People will forget why we celebrate Christmas and seek answers in the wrong places. What gets me this morning is the fact that we will celebrate Christmas with all the wonderful blessings we have and out there in this world and maybe closer than we think there are people who, like Job, will be filled with sadness and will not be able to celebrate Christmas. 

There are people with financial burdens, there are people with losses, there are people with pain, there are people who are alone, there are people in hospital, there are people in prison, there are people on the street, there are people looking for help and there are people seeking God. 

Come my dear friend and let us not miss the opportunity to give and make a difference. Sometimes giving an ear is much more than giving money and sometimes a hug means so much more than a gift. When something is given out of love it will surely bring joy no matter how difficult things are.

So here is a list of Christmas gifts that you should at to your list:

Smile to strangers at work or in the mall, be nice to cashiers and waiters, give the guy on the street a coin, say thank you to the car guard, drive with compassion for other, help where you can, give more time to your loved ones, be friendly at work and hug your friends and family. Give love, because God has given us so much love. Let us break the enemy’s attacks of misery by being there for each other and caring for other.

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

“Let us make one point, that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.” ― Mother Teresa

“Give yourself entirely to those around you. Be generous with your blessings. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” ― Ben Carson

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus