Thursday, 12 December 2013

Today Reminder – 12 December 2013 (Day 8 – A Real Christmas)

A reminder for today
"But true wisdom and power are found in God; counsel and understanding are his.” (Job 12:13)

My dear friend, as the year reaches its end and we people are either already on leave or preparing to go on leave our reads are filling up with large numbers of traffic. I believe that now is one time in the year when we all need wisdom, especially when you are behind the wheel driving a long distance. Wisdom is also required in ending projects and finalising your work and ending of this year.

This is also a time where there will be lots of parties and celebrations and some might go overboard and others might not. The fact remains that we require wisdom in our decisions and the things we plan to do. Job says here that wisdom and power are found in God and this is what God wants us to take with us on our journey towards celebrating the birth of His son, Jesus Christ.

God wants us to seek wisdom and in that He wants us to seek Him and find our wisdom from Him. In finding God and seeking wisdom from Him, we will also find His guidance and counselling which is vital in decision making. God guidance will set us on the right course and His counselling will lead us towards our goals and with His wisdom we can reach those goals successfully.

My dear and wonderful friend, it is my heart’s desire that when you travel during this festive season, that you will ask God for wisdom and guidance so that you will make the right choices and steer you and your loved ones away from danger. God wants you to enjoy your time away and to be safe, and for that to happen you need to listen to His voice and follow His guidance.

We need God’s wisdom every day and in everything we do. Do not make the mistake of doing it on your own. Ask God for wisdom and He will graciously provide you with it and make sure that with wisdom you still follow His direction.

Drive carefully and be safe my dear friend.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus