Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Today Reminder – 11 December 2013 (Day 7 – A Real Christmas)

A reminder for today
"If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer! Get rid of your sins, and leave all iniquity behind you. Then your face will brighten with innocence. You will be strong and free of fear. You will forget your misery; it will be like water flowing away. Your life will be brighter than the noonday. Even darkness will be as bright as morning. Having hope will give you courage. You will be protected and will rest in safety.” (Job 11:13-18)

How are you today, my dear friend? How are you doing? Christmas is a time of giving and in giving it is also a time of forgiving. Jesus gave up His life so that God could forgive all our sins and so that we will be free to live a life that is not condemned. 

In these verses Job’s friend, Zophar the Naamathite, replies to Job’s cries and there are few things I want us to use in our preparation for a real Christmas.

One: Lift up your hands in prayer – This is a time of celebration but also a time where we can really get closer to God. So let us spend time in prayer and worshipping this awesome God that loves us so much.

Two: Get rid of your sins – It is a great time for forgiveness. Take your sins before God and ask Him for forgiveness and in the same way forgive other so that your face will brighten with innocence and you will be stronger and free of fear.

Three: Forget your misery – Stop looking at the problem and start looking at God. Having hope will give you courage and this is so important. When the troubles and issues of this world no longer control us, we will gain hope and in this hope lays a mountain of courage. 

Four: You will be protected and rest in safety – God confirms that in Him we will have protection and we will rest in safety. 

My dear and wonderful friend, let us celebrate God this Christmas and let us forget and forgive for in forgiveness lies one of the greatest gifts. Give your heart completely to God and ask Him to clear your past so that your life will shine brighter than the noonday and even your darkest moments will be as bright as the morning. Let us show the people around us what Christmas is all about and it is all about Jesus Christ.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus