Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Today Reminder - 21 November 2012 (I am who I am)

A reminder for today
God replied to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you." (Exodus 3:14)

God can only be God:

Wow, I just can’t help writing to you about this powerful statement made by God to Moses. When Moses asked God whom he must say send him to them, God replied “I am, who I am”.

God is God and there is no other. Just so that we remember who we serve: When Moses talked to God at the burning bush, he asked Him His name. God replied merely, "I am that I am," referring to His self-existence, the Being of beings, eternal and unchangeable. (Rich Deem)

God is the personal being who walked and talked with Adam and Eve, the first human beings, in the Garden of Eden. God is also Saviour of mankind, coming to Earth in the person of Jesus of Nazareth to provide the ultimate example of holiness and the ultimate sacrifice for humanity's evilness, in order to restore our personal relationship with Him.

Who is God?
According to Christianity, God is the self-existent One, having no need of being created, since He has existed forever and is the cause of all things, including the dimension of time, to which He is not subject. Likewise, God is not subject to the physical creation, but is spiritual in nature, residing in the spiritual dimensions of heaven. God's power over the physical creation is absolute, such that He can manipulate matter, energy, space, and time at will. For this reason, God is said to be all powerful—able to accomplish any possible task He wills to do. Along with being all powerful, God is also all knowing—having knowledge of all things that are possible to be known, including the entire history of the universe—past, present, and future. Because God is all powerful (omnipotent) and all knowing (omniscient), He is also able to be present at all places at all times (omnipresent). God is also all loving—according to the Bible, "God is love" (1 John 4:16). The love of God prompted Him to create human beings in His image, in order to share His love with us. The Christian scriptures say that we can fulfil the entire law of God by loving Him and loving our fellow human beings (Matthew 22:37-40). God is absolutely holy—without any moral or character defect. In fact, the Bible says that God is incapable of doing any evil, despite being all powerful. God is unchangeable. In other words, He does not change any of His attributes or character at any time. Despite humanity's tendency to change its definition of morality, God's moral character does not evolve with the times, but remains constant.

Where is God?
The Bible says that God cannot be contained within the universe (1 Kings 8:27). In addition, the Bible says that God fills both heaven and earth (Jeremiah 23:24), which is a Hebrew idiom to describe the entire universe. So, God is both transcendent and immanent simultaneously. God's normal abode is in heaven, which is not located within the physical universe. According to the Bible heaven seems to operate under different physical laws, with the laws of thermodynamics seeming to be absent. So, the question "Where is God?" is not one that can be answered with the knowledge we possess. (Extract from Rich Deem)

My dear friend, the God we serve is much greater than we think. I pray that your spirit will be lifted and that your walk will be full of joy and that your faith will be unbreakable, in Jesus name.

Have an awesome day, dear friend of Jesus.