Thursday, 22 November 2012

Today Reminder - 22 November 2012 (Trouble)

A reminder for today
But when Pharaoh saw that relief had come, he became stubborn. He refused to listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the LORD had predicted. (Exodus 8:15)

Trouble vs. Relief:

It is so interesting to read the history of Moses and how Pharaoh refused to let them go. The Bible says God made Pharaoh’s heart stubborn so that God could do a number of miraculous signs in the land of Egypt to proclaim that He is God. 

I love that! God allowed harder circumstances to make an opportunity to display His great power to the people of Egypt and I believe to the people of Israel too. What is so interesting is Moses through all of this. His responses in all that happened is so typical to the way we will respond. At first he is reluctant to face Pharaoh and his people and when they put pressure on him he seems scared and then questions God. We can be a lot like that. We blossom when all is going our way but we stumble and fall when circumstances change. 

God is constantly with us, in good and in bad. We choose to ignore Him or we will put Him aside for a while. Don’t let that happen to you, seek Him always. There are three things we should consider from this: a) God will allow things to happen in our lives to show Him to us and to confirm His presence in our lives. b) God will always be with us. He will guide and strengthen us as we face each obstacle. c) God uses us to lead people to Him. Just as He used Pharaoh’s stubborn heart to show His power and lead the people of Israel to the Promised Land. God is with us doing miracles each day to lead us to the Promised Land.

Here are a few that I see each day: 1) I am alive. 2) I have a job. 3) I am healthy. 4) I have a place to sleep. 5) I have food to eat. 6) I have a beautiful family. 7) People care about me. 8) I have friends. 9) I have many talents. 10) I write to you each day.

My dear friend, God loves you so much.

Have an awesome day, dear friend of Jesus.