Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Today Reminder - 12 November 2013 (Day 8 - A life of Change)

A reminder for today
I asked for nothing, even though I regularly fed 150 Jewish officials at my table, besides all the visitors from other lands! (Nehemiah 5:17)

How was your Monday my dear friend? Mine had a few challenges and just as a Monday should be, those challenges are now carried over to the rest of the week. It is funny how easily we can take offence. We sometimes feel that people should rather say thank you instead of criticizing what we have done and then it makes us miserable. Sometimes we do so much and we feel that no one sees our efforts and that our hard work was for nothing.

I suppose the idea of being rewarded for hard work is something every person desires, yet the Lord teaches us to be humble and to do it regardless of the reward. Here in chapter 5 Nehemiah talks about his efforts and how he asked for nothing even though he did so much. He is completely unselfish in his time and efforts and he writes that he feared God and therefore did not act like the rest. He ends this chapter with these words: Remember, O my God, all that I have done for these people, and bless me for it.

This brings me to what I want to remind you of today. In our journey towards a life of change we will often feel that our efforts are discarded and that we doing so much for no reason. This is the enemy placing thoughts in our minds to try and discourage us. All your efforts and hard work are seen by God and He will bless you for it. An unselfish and humble life brings so much glory to God and in that we will overcome our issues and destroy the enemy’s foothold in our lives.

Come my dear friend and let us work to impress God and not people. God will bless your efforts and give you success where people might be envious and selfish. Place your trust in God and seek His approval in all that you do and you will have much more joy in your life.

Dear Lord, please bless all that we do each day and help us to seek our reward from you instead of waiting for people to see our efforts. Let the blessings on our work inspire other to seek your approval too and open the eyes of those that are envious to see the error of their ways and change their hearts. In Jesus name.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus