Monday, 25 November 2013

Today Reminder - 25 November 2013 (Day 17 - A Life of Change)

A reminder for today
That night the king had trouble sleeping, so he ordered an attendant to bring the book of the history of his reign so it could be read to him. (Esther 6:1)

How are you my dear friend and how was your weekend? Mine was just great. We had a great time with friends and family on Saturday as we celebrated my brother-in-law’s birthday. Yesterday i took my son to watch the movie “Justin and the knights of valour” and it turned out to be a very nice story which both of us enjoyed. It is all about following your heart and doing what you are destined to do. You see Justin’s father wanted him to become a lawyer, but Justin wanted to become a knight like his grandfather. So he set out on a quest to find the tower of wisdom so that he could be trained to become a knight - without his father’s consent. 

Have you ever felt in your heart that there is something you need to do? Did it keep you awake or did it take over your thoughts and kept you from doing anything else? King Xerxes could not sleep and so he called them to read the book of history that was kept of his rule. You see the day before Haman decided to ask the king to kill Mordecai and made a devious plan to convince the king to do this. But God intervened and kept the king awake until he called them to read the book. In there he saw that Mordecai saved his life. In those records he discovered an account of how Mordecai had exposed the plot of Bigthana and Teresh, two of the eunuchs who guarded the door to the king's private quarters. They had plotted to assassinate King Xerxes (verse 2).

Now the part that follows is what left me in awe of God and His mercy and grace. The king asked: "What reward or recognition did we ever give Mordecai for this?" His attendants replied, "Nothing has been done for him." At this very moment Haman arrived at the palace with his plan to convince the king to kill Mordecai.
So the attendants replied to the king, "Haman is out in the court." "Bring him in," the king ordered. So Haman came in, and the king said, "What should I do to honour a man who truly pleases me?" Haman thought to himself, "Whom would the king wish to honour more than me?" So he replied, "If the king wishes to honour someone, he should bring out one of the king's own royal robes, as well as a horse that the king himself has ridden—one with a royal emblem on its head. Let the robes and the horse be handed over to one of the king's most noble officials. And let him see that the man whom the king wishes to honour is dressed in the king's robes and led through the city square on the king's horse. Have the official shout as they go, 'This is what the king does for someone he wishes to honour!'" "Excellent!" the king said to Haman. "Quick! Take the robes and my horse, and do just as you have said for Mordecai the Jew, who sits at the gate of the palace. Leave out nothing you have suggested!" (Verse 5-10)

Now that just put a smile on my face. It is amazing how God can turn events around. God can take evil and turn it into good and when this happens it always leaves one speechless. You see God will take the evil that other have planned against you and turn it around so that in the end it will uplift you. I must admit I just loved this part and off course Haman was furious and embarrassed. 

My dear friend, God is reminding us today that He will take the bad and turn it into good. He will rescue us from the hatred of other and He will turn events around. So do not hesitate to follow your dreams, because of someone else’s jealousy or misconceptions. Listen to God’s voice and follow His direction and do it with no fear of what other will say or do. Follow your heart for in your heart lives an almighty God.  

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus