Monday, 13 February 2017

Today Reminder – 13 February 2017

A reminder for today
For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

How was your weekend, my friend? Mine was filled with a little work around the house, sleep tests (you remember I have sleep issues), awesome dinner and I took my kids to see Lego Batman. I must say Lego Batman was not so great. I was a little disappointed with the whole Batman and Joker relationship thing, and I think it is not good for little ones to watch. Again, it is just my point of view. Now, did you rest a little? Did you sleep in on Sunday and did you pray? Did you spoil yourself a little? Maybe a little chocolate or a milkshake? Sundays is my cheat day so I had a peanut butter smoothie and I love them. 

This week is Valentine’s Day so it is a week of love. Can you hear it? Love is in the air tra la la bla bla bla. Hee hee, I think it is just a money making scheme, but it is nice to feel special and to be treated a little. If you have a husband or wife or you are just in a relationship, make them feel special. Love is all God and if we show love, we show the very heart of God. However, do not worry if you are on your own, because you have a date with Jesus and He always has something special planned.
Paul tells Timothy here in two Timothy that we do not have a spirit of fear and timidity. We have a spirit of power, love and self-discipline. That is so awesome. In you are a God of power and love so guess what? You have all the right stuff to show power and love. You have power over the enemy and with love, you will destroy all his worthless attempts to hurt you. 

So today we need to focus on love and the power of love. Love changes everything. The Word is a book of love and love will keep us together. This crazy thing called love is more than words. It starts with baby love and turns into endless love. I just called to say I love you, because I want to know what love is. You are still the one and that is more than words. Love me tender and show me how deep is your love. Can you feel the love, because the greatest love of all is because you loved me.
Enjoy today and listen to a few love songs to get the mood of love right. I hope you like my list above and that God’s love will just bubble out of you as He fills you with His Spirit.

Lord, you are love and in you, we love more. Let us show our love in all that we do and in the way we are. Let your love guide our hearts and let us touch the hearts of other. Be with us as we wear your armour and fight the enemy with love. In Jesus name.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.