Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Today Reminder – 8 February 2017

A reminder for today
In the same way, the good deeds of some people are obvious. And the good deeds done in secret will someday come to light. (1 Timothy 5:25)

Good day to you, my friend. I am so tired the last few days. Our workout’s intensity increases as I am starting to prepare for my competition time and it is hard. Wednesdays are leg days and my legs are jelly. I just want to lie in a corner and sleep. But work must be done and we have a lot of it. Fun and games. How are you doing? How is work and how are your health? Do you exercise and how is your time with God? Have you increased your prayer time? I know time is always a question, but make time. Make time for prayer and make time for exercise. The body needs both. You need to invest in you by exercising your body and your spirit. It is important that we find a balance in physical health and mental/spiritual health. 

Yesterday my son asked me about Samson and why he died and why did God made him so strong. Our conversation covered a brief history of the Israelite and then the birth and fall of Samson. He then asked me why did people kill Jesus. Now this is a fascinating question and to break it down and explain it to my nine year old was awesome. If you want to get me talking ask me about Jesus. There is no end. So I explained to him that Jesus did not come to earth to be nice and polite, He said and explained things as they were and in the process He offended many high profile leaders of the temple by pointing out their ungodly behavior. He proclaimed openly that He is the son of God and this was used to capture Him and finally crucify Him. I explained that Jesus does not look at the outside of someone, He looks at your heart. That is why He sees all that you do, good and bad, because He sees your intend not your act. So some of the wonderful things that you do that no one sees still glorifies God, because He sees your heart and they will all come to light in the end. What you do in the light of day is not always good, but what you do in the light of Jesus is life altering.

So today do something good. No, do not jump up and look for someone to save from a raging lion or a crushing building. Just be nice, listen and give love. Let your good deed be unnoticed as it comes from the heart. So it might mean listening to someone that is unhappy or saying hello to someone sad, maybe make a coffee to your friend or give a hug. Whichever it is, let the love shine.

Lord, let your name be glorified in all that we do today and let our hearts reflect you to the world around us. Help us as we put on your armour and fight the enemy. In Jesus name.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.