Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Today Reminder - 04 September 2013 (Day 3 - Victories)

A reminder for today
These Philistines were descendants of the giants of Gath, but David and his warriors killed them. (1 Chronicles 20)

How did you do in your challenges yesterday? Were you victorious or did you slip here and there? I had some victories and I had some loses as well. It is funny how little things can sometimes make us slip and fall when we could actually defeat the enemy and listen to the voice of God and follow His direction. A huge advantage that the enemy has over us from time to time must be anger and humility. We get angry over nothing and we tend to place our own needs ahead of others even when it isn’t necessary. These tiny things in life can so quickly become giants that we struggle with each day and later evolve into self-idolising and fear. 

My dear friend, we must mobilise our prayers and focus on the things that we think is insignificant, because they lead to greater loses in our lives. David and his warriors defeated the giants of Gath. You and I need to defeat these tiny giants in our lives in order to be fully victorious in Jesus Christ. The enemy knows our weaknesses and he will continue to taunt us where we are vulnerable. It is important that we place these issues at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to help us defeat them and to open our hearts and ears so that we will follow His advice when we are faced with the same situation. When we do not allow our own selfish needs to take away the opportunity of displaying the love of Jesus, then our victories will be so much greater. So my dear friend, that brings me to our victory verse for today.

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. (John 3:30)

The greater Jesus is in you and the less you will allow your own selfishness to determine the outcome of every situation, the stronger you will be with the lesser slip ups.

“Purpose gives rise to discipline, restraint, and self-control, which are crucial, fundamental tools for success in the journey of life.” ― Pedro Okoro

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus