Monday, 30 September 2013

Today Reminder - 30 September 2013 (Day 21 - Victories)

A reminder for today
But Rehoboam rejected the advice of the older men and instead asked the opinion of the young men who had grown up with him and were now his advisers. (2 Chronicles 10:8)

I do hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend and that you are well rested. This is day 21 in our victory month and this also brings us to the end of our victory days. We have been doing a series in our church of how the Word of God works and it was called “Working Word”. It has been a great series exploring how the Word of God can be used practically in our lives and how we can use the principles outlined in the Bible in our daily lives. We ended this series yesterday with Word Principles. When I read this verse of Rehoboam that is now the new king and how he looked for advice from young inexperienced friends and finally following their advice instead of the advice of the elder men that was Solomon’s advisers, I realised that we should be very careful of where we look for advice and who we listen to. 

It is interesting how people can have a negative effect on us. One of my colleagues can be extremely negative and I have found how this negativity can turn my positivity also in negativity. This is purely because I allow it to influence me. The one thing that we should take with us in our journey to victory is the fact that we no longer live under rule and influence of the darkness, but when we accepted Jesus as our saviour we were taken from the darkness and placed in the light under the rule and authority of a new king and that king is Jesus Christ. Once you realise that you are a subject to the new king living under His reign, you will also realise that the darkness and the king of darkness no longer has any authority over you and your choices should be aligned with the directions and guidance of the new King that is written in His Word, the Bible. 

With this new knowledge we can enter into today seeking our advice from our King and from His Word. We are no longer inclined to accept advice from the enemy’s misguided ideas but our direction and understanding should come from the Lord. 

My dear friend, your victories will be greater when you seek advice from God. I pray that the Lord will open our minds and our hearts so that we will hear His voice and follow His advice in each and every decision in our lives, so that we will bring glory to His name and that the successes in our lives will become attractive to those around us in such a way that they too will seek the life we have in Jesus Christ.    

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus