Thursday, 21 January 2016

Today Reminder – 21 January 2016

A reminder for today
Then the LORD said, "Broadcast this message in the streets of Jerusalem. Go from town to town throughout the land and say, 'Remember the ancient covenant, and do everything it requires.” (Jeremiah 11:6)

What do you do with your pain and heartache? I am a memory stacker, I take them and I put them in little boxes in my mind and I try to forget about them. Sometimes something happens and one of those boxes opens again and a storm of memories flush through my mind. It is difficult to say what triggers them to return, because it could be anything from a word or a picture or even a thought. I believe the enemy knows exactly what to do to trigger our past to come flushing back as they let it flash by us and pulls us back into that cave of darkness where we were so long ago. 

Last night I was pulled back to a very painful memory and it stayed with me all night until this morning. The Lord spoke to my heart and He reminded me of the cross and what He did with my past. He reminded me of His blood and how it washed away my past. He reminded me of His grace and how His love has set me free. He reminded me of my future and the future of our enemy. 

So today I want you to come with me as we broadcast this message in the streets and as we go from town to town throughout the land and say, 'Remember the cross of Jesus and how it has saved us. Let us live each day in His grace and do all that we do for His glory.

Lord, wipe away our bad memories and fill these spaces in our past with your love and grace. Let us look to your cross and see the freedom that you bought for us by this amazing miracle. Free us from the temptations of the enemy and let us focus ourselves on you as we walk by faith and not by sight. Let us broadcast your message with our lives as we shine with your glory. In Jesus name.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus.