Thursday, 19 January 2017

Today Reminder – 19 January 2017

A reminder for today
He called you to salvation when we told you the Good News; now you can share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 2:14)

How are you today, my friend and how are you feeling. I hope you are well and healthy and that the light of our Lord flourishes in you. Yesterday I watched a very interesting movie. I saw the “The Atheist Delusion Movie” and I was amazed. It is why millions deny the obvious by Ray Comfort founder and CEO of Living Waters. He approaches a number of atheists and ask them why they are atheists. He then gave them a book filled with beautiful pictures and asked them if the book made itself. Obviously they say no, because a book can’t make itself. He then let them think about the earth and the amazing things we find in DNA and then he asks them how could something so complex just formed out of nothing. How could all of this that we see around us just became. How can nothing make something? You see at a certain time the universe (and I might add we are not even sure how big that is) just created itself and then the sun just appeared and for no reason the earth just formed from nothing and started to circle the sun at just the right distance so that it can support life. Then gravity just appeared and water out of nowhere. Suddenly the water just separated itself and life came from nothing. Can you see how ridiculous that sounds, that we just came from nothing. It is so clear that a higher and extremely intelligent force created this. In fact, He spoke and it was all created. So many people believe something so ridiculous that nothing made everything, yet they cannot see the hand of God in creation. Why is this? It is simply a matter of choice, if you become a Christian it means that the life of darkness is no more and that lust and fornication and the desires of the world is not for you anymore, but if you remain in the darkness and you deny God you can carry on as you like and you do not need to feel the guilt for your actions. 

So he asked them if there is a heaven, would they go there? Many said yes, because they are good people. So he asked them if they have ever lied, or lusted and no time they have broken most of the ten commandments which meant the broke the law and the result is eternity in God’s jail (Hell). You see God is a righteous God and He despised wrong, that is why we have a build in device that makes us angry at bad and evil things, because in us lives the Holy Spirit. He is our conscience and our guide.

In the end he said that no one can enter heaven though good deeds. Jesus is the only way and God so loved each one of us, including those that deny Him, that He gave His Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that our plate can be washed clean and that all our mistakes can be wiped away in the instant we accept Jesus as our saviour. So many turned around and gave their hearts for Jesus.
It so simple, yet so many cannot see it. It is said the truth is meaningless to the lost and that they will not come out of the darkness, because of their choice. I am so glad that I will see you in heaven, my friend and that just lifts my spirits. Yet we should not stop to pray for the lost and that they will see their mistakes and find their way.

Lord, we pray for those that are blinded by the enemy so that they cannot see the truth. We ask that you will touch their hearts and let them find their way back. Be with us in this day as we put on your armour and face our challenges. All the glory be for you, Lord. In Jesus name.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.