Monday, 10 June 2013

Today Reminder - 10 June 2013 (Praise)

A reminder for today
Then Solomon prayed, "O LORD, you have said that you would live in a thick cloud of darkness. Now I have built a glorious Temple for you, a place where you can live forever!" (1 Kings 8:12-13)

A song of praise for an awesome God

I woke this morning with a new sense of gratitude that filled my soul as I see how wonderfully God has blessed us and is taking care of us. Each one of us is like a precious stone in the hands of a master craftsman. Every moment of our lives God cuts away the rough edges as He slowly unfolds the gem that is within the stone. In time He will polish this precious stone to let His glory sparkle through it as He dwells within it.

Lord we give you our hearts and invite you to fill our bodies with your Spirit so that we can glorify you in all that we do each and every moment. Let us live today with new determination and new dedication in you Lord so that we can be true temples where you will be honoured. 

Help us to build a glorious home for you within us so that you will dwell in us for all to see and a place where you can live forever. Lord make us who we are designed to be, for you and for your glory.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus