Monday, 24 June 2013

Today Reminder - 24 June 2013 (Choices Part 3)

A reminder for today
Then Elijah commanded, "Seize all the prophets of Baal. Don't let a single one escape!" (1 Kings 18:40)

Choices Part 3 – Living with your choices: Jip, God heard Elijah’s prayer and consumed his offering and for baal, well just as we thought he never showed. The result is that all the prophets off baal met with a terrible fate and a quick ending to their misdirection on God’s people.

Their choices to follow baal send them to their end. We are often in a situation where we look at the choice or choices we made and we think that these choices were not the best ones we could’ve made and this often places us in a situation where we regret our decisions and we tend to get annoyed about it. This constant reminder of our mistake and together with getting very annoyed often turns our mood into anger and this brings us on a type of a landslide of feelings that bursts into anger more and more often.

And off course the enemy loves this, because now you are exactly where they wanted you to be. Reminded of your mistakes and short tempered. Why did you make that choice? Why did it seem as a good choice at the time and why are you so annoyed with your decision now? 

My dear friend, I think that even our worst choices can be turned into great choices. You see we are too quick to see our own faults and then hammer ourselves down, because we took a moment of faith or not and jumped. Yes, it was a mistake, but to constantly remind yourself of that will have no effect on the choice, but instead if you humble yourself before God and accept your mistake and ask God for forgiveness and guidance you can turn the result around. You can turn what was intended for your downfall into something that will build you up and return you to God and finally display the true power of the blood of Jesus. 

My dear friend, it comes down to acceptance and forgiveness. Accept it and forgive, forgive yourself and whoever or whatever brought you where you are and start turning the bad into good. This will not only destroy any grip the enemy thought they had on you but it will redeem you. So come with me today as we live with our choices to bring glory to God, in the good choices and the bad ones.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus