Monday, 20 July 2015

Today Reminder – 20 July 2015 (Day 9 – Forward)

A reminder for today
See, they are all foolish, worthless things. All your idols are as empty as the wind. (Isaiah 41:29)

How are you my friend? Today is a historic moment for God’s blog as I write my one thousand’s post. Yes it is a thousand posts in honour of our Lord and His amazing love for us. How was your weekend? I was so blessed to have my boys with me this weekend and what a great weekend we had. God is truly good for me and He surely blessed me with two amazing little boys. 

So what do we write about today? I feel the Holy Spirt reminding me that we are in our process of moving forward and today He wants us to remember that life is about God and not worldly material things. When I celebrate the Lord I celebrate His wonder and His mercy, for I have lost everything but in Him I have gained more. I still make my mistakes but now I realise them faster and I seek His guidance immediately. 

Those that are lost cannot see a life without their stuff and they trust in worldly and empty things. We trust in an almighty God, a living God. We trust in the creator of heaven and earth. Those who place their trust in idols are foolish. Stand with me today as we give all the glory to God. If you are reading this you are part of a miracle. You see the enemy tried to destroy me and here I am writing to you. He tried to break my faith and here I am with more and stronger faith. He tried to stop me from writing and here I am by the grace of God writing about that amazing grace.

Yes my friend, here I am on my knees again as I surrender it all. Here I am where the Lord found me as He draws me near desperate for Him. I asked Him to drench my soul with His mercy and grace and I hunger and thirst for Him. With my arms starched wide I know He hears me as I call on Him to speak to me now. I want to know Him more as I step forward into His light. Like a rushing wind the Lord breathed into me as I give my life for Him to have for His way and will. Let His will be done as every knee bows and calls His name.

Let His grace fill you today and lift you up. Let His Sprit build you up and make you invincible. Let His light shine so brightly in you that all you meet will stand in awe.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus