Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Today Reminder - 11 April 2013 (Ever after)

A reminder for today
So Boaz took Ruth into his home, and she became his wife. (Ruth 4:13)

I always think when you read the story of Ruth that at the end when she is married to Boaz, there must be something like “And they lived happily ever after.”

It is a classic tale of a girl that goes through a rough time and then in the end she meets a prince that rescues her and marries her. The story ends here and therefore the need for a happily ever after ending.

My dear friend, what does your story sound like? Have you reached the happily ever after part or are you still Cinderella living with her terrible sisters being bullied and misused. I love the story about Ruth. It shows you that there are real Cinderella stories and that happily ever after does not only happen in movies but also in real life. God has a plan with each one of us and in each of our life stories we will find the happily ever after part. 

Come with me today as we allow God to write our stories so that we can live a life that is dedicated to Him and finally end in happiness. Let us stop searching for happiness in other places and with idols, but instead let us seek out our happiness in Jesus Christ.

Let Jesus live in your heart so that each day will end happily ever after.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.