Thursday, 11 April 2013

Today Reminder - 12 April 2013 (Redeemer)

A reminder for today
Then the women of the town said to Naomi, "Praise the LORD, who has now provided a redeemer for your family! May this child be famous in Israel. (Ruth 4:14)

Ruth married Boaz and the Lord enabled her to get pregnant and she gave birth to a son. In this sense she was redeemed of all past imperfections and troubles and her status within the society as well as her family’s status was redeemed. I kept thinking of this verse today and the song “My redeemer lives” keep popping into my head. A son was born, a redeemer for Ruth and Naomi. 

My dear friend, many years ago a son was born who came and redeemed all of us. Just as the bad was replaced by this wonderful news of a baby boy,  we live in a world where Jesus gave up His life and rose from the dead to redeem us of our sins and take away our fear of death.

It is interesting how this boy’s descendants became the family line from which Jesus was born. Obed was born to redeem Naomi and Ruth, and later Jesus was born to redeem humanity. Do you see the great purpose that Ruth was destined for? And I want to just stop here for a moment. No matter where you are and who you are, you are there for a reason and a purpose. All that is happening to you is part of God’s plan and in the end you too will play a huge role in God’s plan. Even if you only touch one life and that one person can change one more and so on and so on. Can you imagine the ripple effect this can have on our society? Do not for one moment think that you are insignificant in God’s plan. You might just be Obed to a friend, a family member, your wife, your husband, your son or your daughter. Please do not take your role in this life lightly. You are much too valuable to lose.

There is more to you, than meets the eye.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.