Friday, 20 June 2014

Today Reminder – 20 June 2014 (Day 15 – Stand up)

A reminder for today
I said to the LORD, "You are my God!" Listen, O LORD, to my cries for mercy! (Psalm 140:6)

Stand up! Let’s stand up from where we have fallen and let us lift up our eyes to the heavens as we proclaim that the Lord is our God. Each day brings new challenges and each day holds its own problems. Where are you today, my friend? Are you stuck in waves of challenges or are you facing difficult choices? No matter where you find yourself in I want us to call out to God and say "You are my God!"

Let us change our focus from the very burden that grips us and change that focus to God. He is the only one we must look to for help and He is the only one that can give us the correct advice. He is the beginning and the end and He has always been and will always be. Why do we need to concern ourselves with the problems that this world brings when we have a God that loves and protects us?

As we callout for His mercy today let us remember that nothing is impossible with God. Have faith in Him and don’t lose that faith. He will deliver His promise at the right time. You just need to trust Him and follow His way. There are so many obstacles that the enemy will throw in our way to break our faith and change our focus.  When you look at these poor attempts of a fallen enemy, why do you even consider to be affected by their worthless attempts? They enemy has no grip on you anymore. You are a son/daughter of God and He is your God. He has destroyed all and every possible hold that the enemy could think they have on you. Rise son and daughter of God for you are princess and princesses of a living King. 

Let us walk into this day with a tireless fire that burns in us to live for Him and call out His name in victory. Rise my friend, Rise, for you are a warrior prince and princess, walking in victory.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus