Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Today Reminder – 28 September 2016

A reminder for today
He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. (Ephesians 1:8)

A long, long time ago in a kingdom far, far away lived a wonderful king and his beautiful wife. The were loved by their people because they ruled with with love, wisdom and understanding. But not all felt the same about them. When the king was sworn in he said that God ruled his land and he banned all magicians and wizards. The previous court was advised by a very powerful magician and so he had to leave his position of power and move away. He hated the king and wanted to destroy him, but he could not get close to the palace. His hate and anger consumed him and he spend hours planning for a way to get to the king. 

Years went by and the king decided to host a huge celebration in honor of his people and for all all that his people do for him. In this celebration the king would be out and among his people and this created an opportunity for the old magician to strike. 

On the day of the celebration it was a joyous occasion and people came from all over the land to be part of this. The event was planned to last the whole week and no one would work for it is a time of thanksgiving for the wonderful years they had so far. 

On the third day the king spoke to his people and he reminded them how important each one of them is in his kingdom and how much he appreciates all that they do. He then went out among his people to meet them and spend some time with them. 

As he walked and talked with his people the magician appeared out of nowhere. The king immediately recognized him and also knew what was about to happen. The magician stood in front of him with a grin of satisfaction for he knew that his day of revenge has arrived. He threw his hands in the air and called onto his evil masters to cast a spell over the king and his kingdom. Everyone was frozen in fear for they had no idea what will happen next.

Suddenly the priest walked out from among the fear stricken crowd and stood between the king and the magician. His words shook the world and struck fear into the magician. He stood calm and said “God has revealed your plans to me and he showed me how He will destroy you”. The magician grind on his teeth and just as he wanted to strike with his spell the royal guard moved out from the crowd. They were disguised as farmers and in a moment they killed the magician.

The priest turned to the king and said that God will not allow evil to conquer the ones he loves and that this kingdom is under his protection.

The king was so happy that he changed the celebration so that it now was a feast of thanksgiving and it is in honor of God.

So today you are a king and your kingdom is under God’s protection. God will bless you with wisdom and understanding.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus.