Friday, 10 May 2013

Today Reminder - 10 May 2013 (Accused)

A reminder for today
And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away. (1 Samuel 16:23)

When I read this I thought about someone else. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters has been thrown down to earth—the one who accuses them before our God day and night (Revelation 12). 

My dear friend, what is your burden that you carry with you? I have so often woke up and sat here in front of this notebook and wondered why am I writing to you. Why would the Lord pick someone like me to write His message when I have not lived a life suited for such an important thing in His plan? You see when we give our lives to Jesus and we openly confess that He is the Lord and we willingly share this with other we become a threat to satan. As long as you are on the wrong path you are of no concern to him, but the moment your heart belongs to Jesus you become one of his number one targets. He will do anything to distract you and deceive you in believing that you are not worthy of this great love of Jesus. 

When Jesus died on that cross and rose again, He defeated the enemy and all the power he could possibly have over us. You are set free from his accusations and free to live in the light of Jesus. I love these words: “When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.” There is no condemnation and no grip on your life, you are free. Whatever sits on your shoulder reminding you of your faults is not Jesus, just look past the enemy’s deception and you will see the love of Jesus openly welcoming you into His arms.

My dear and wonderful friend, there is nothing that you have done that the Lord cannot forgive and take away from you. Give it all to Him today and step out into the light a new person with a new heart and new hope, because you are free, and remember that God does not look at the outside, He looks at the inside, that humble repenting heart worshipping Him. 

Come with me today as we lay down our past at His feet and worship Him with hands lifted high. Wherever you are and whatever you do today, you can do it with new joy in your heart for you are wonderfully perfect in His eyes and washed clean from all that could possibly have hindered your relationship with Him.

I look forward to meet you here again on Monday. Have and awesome day and a wonderful (resting) weekend, dear friend of Jesus.