Monday, 27 May 2013

Today Reminder - 27 May 2013 (Dedicate)

A reminder for today
King David dedicated all these gifts to the LORD, as he did with the silver and gold from the other nations he had defeated. In fact, the LORD made David victorious wherever he went. (2 Samuel 8:11 and 14)

When I read this today I thought about the last couple of weeks and how wonderful God has been with me through them. I have been so blessed in my work and all that I did that I cannot help to think that none I have done was from my own ability. It all comes from God and therefore I will sing His praises.

David did not think himself to be the reason for his own success. He knew exactly where it came from and therefore he dedicated all his victories and gifts to God. This made David more successful. 

My dear friend, God will do the same for you. God looks at the heart and a heart like David will always be victorious. So come with me today as we dedicate our gifts and talents to God and honour Him for all the successes we have. For it all comes from God and it all should be for His glory.

Let us lift up our hands and bring honour and glory to our King – Jesus Christ.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus