Thursday, 4 July 2013

Today Reminder - 04 July 2013 (Just do it)

A reminder for today
So Elisha returned to his oxen and slaughtered them. He used the wood from the plow to build a fire to roast their flesh. He passed around the meat to the townspeople, and they all ate. Then he went with Elijah as his assistant. (1 Kings 19:21)

Taking up God’s call is something we can sometimes struggle with. We hear God’s voice and we know what God wants us to do, but do we do it? Do we act like we did not hear, or do continue to wait for more confirmations or do we resist?
Gideon had a few issues and needed confirmation, but he followed God and trusted God completely. David took up the challenged and defeated a giant. Moses faced Pharaoh and Peter left his job as a fisherman and followed Jesus.

How do you follow Jesus? Do you first have a few personal things that you need to do and then once you are done with that and finally decided what you think you should do, then only do you start on your way towards Jesus.

My dear friend, I want to say to you that following Jesus should not just be a decision, but a way of live. Everything we do or attempt should be for His glory and as He wants us to do it. The way we talk to people, the way we do our work, the way we deal with rejection and failure, the way we drive, the way we talk on the phone to difficult people or annoying telesales consultants and the way we look at other. 

Jesus showed compassion to all. He did not frown upon those whom other rejected and He certainly did not speak to people in a bad manner. He loved to teach and kept on doing it even when He was tired. In the end He gave His life to people that hated Him and crucified Him. And all that He did was as God wanted it, and not out of His own free will.

How do you deal with people, good and bad and how do you react to God’s call and God’s voice?

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus