Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Today Reminder - 17 July 2013 (Purified)

A reminder for today
One day the leaders of the town of Jericho visited Elisha. "We have a problem, my lord," they told him. "This town is located in pleasant surroundings, as you can see. But the water is bad, and the land is unproductive."
Elisha said, "Bring me a new bowl with salt in it." So they brought it to him. Then he went out to the spring that supplied the town with water and threw the salt into it. And he said, "This is what the LORD says: I have purified this water. It will no longer cause death or infertility." And the water has remained pure ever since, just as Elisha said. (2 Kings 2:19-22)

"We have a problem, my lord," The town of Jericho had a water problem and needed help from God to purify it. So God used Elisha to purify the water so that the town’s people can drink it without it causing death or infertility. 

I guess we find ourselves in a place from time to time when we have all these problems in our hands and we do not know where to begin and what to do. Sometimes they seem to overwhelm us and we start to feel insecure and we become afraid of what else lies ahead. Sometimes it is the unknown that haunts us on our journey through life and it makes us worry and causes unnecessary fear. 

My dear friend, the Lord wants to come and purify you again and make you the salt that is needed today in the lives of those around you. God wants you to be free from worries and concerns so that you can show His grace to those that does not know it or has forgotten about it. It is time that we start living for Jesus so that we can break the grip of the enemy on people and show people that there is a better way. "This is what the LORD says: I have purified this water.” The Lord has purified you so that you can bring life into every place you go and to every person you meet. Death has no more power over us and it is important that everybody learns this truth. Seek God and His ways and live it so that you can free other from the grip of their problems. 

A willing hand, an open ear and a comforting smile can save a life.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus