Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Today Reminder - 10 July 2013 (Arrows)

A reminder for today
An Aramean soldier, however, randomly shot an arrow at the Israelite troops and hit the king of Israel between the joints of his armor. "Turn the horses and get me out of here!" Ahab groaned to the driver of his chariot. "I'm badly wounded!" (1 Kings 22:34)

King Ahad was shot and died beside the battle. His continuous disobedience to God brought him to his end. You could almost say that he was arrogant and that he followed his own direction instead of listening to God.

I don’t want to talk to you about Ahab’s arrogance, instead I want to look at the image I have in my mind of this random arrow that was shot towards the Israelite army that ended up killing Ahab. I think that our lives are much like that. The enemy will fire a random arrow towards us and sometimes it hits and sometimes it misses. It depends on the type of arrow and what the intended damage is. You see the arrow could be guilt, desire, hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, arrogance, pride, idolizing or pain.

Circumstances plays a vital role and how prepared we are to face this blow towards us. Sometimes we will turn and run and bleed it out as we watch from a distance and sometimes we will continue the battle even though we are badly wounded. These arrows could also be shot using different bows. These bows could be your friends, colleagues, family or a stranger. Sometimes someone else’s bad mood causes them to react towards us and in that reaction their words could trigger emotions on our side, thus their words become the arrows that is used to bring us down.

Sometimes we shoot ourselves when we are down, sad, selfish, irresponsible, proud and self-centred. 

How do we survive these attacks and how do we make sure it does not result in our end? My dear friend, Jesus is the answer to all and everything the enemy can and will ever dish up. It is in our humble existence and our faith in Jesus that we will overcome the worst of attacks. When you are at your weakest, Jesus will make you stronger. It is in our reaction to these attacks that we define our outcome. So if you take someone else’s outburst and allow emotions to get the better of you, you will fall, but if you stop and listen, and follow God’s voice you can turn circumstances around. You are better than that, because in you lives an almighty God and He will not let you fall.

My prayer for you for today is that you will know that Jesus is the shield that protects you and He will not let you stand alone to face this world. He will stand beside you and walk each step with you. Look up and know God is above you, look at your side and know He is beside you and look at your feet, because He is you foundation and finally look at your for in you is He that made the universe, then realise that there is no place that the enemy is able to get to you when you have accepted Jesus as your saviour. 

Bring it on.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus