Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Today Reminder - 16 July 2013 (Make a choice)

A reminder for today
But they kept urging him until they shamed him into agreeing, and he finally said, "All right, send them." So fifty men searched for three days but did not find Elijah. (2 Kings 2:17)

I guess Elisha must have been sad in watching Elijah taken. He knew that they would not find him, yet he allowed them to convince him that they must look for Elijah. There are two things I think that made Elisha agree to this in the end. One is that he was still emotional about the loss of his master and that he was still uncertain of his place and second he was pushed by the continuous nagging of these prophets from Jericho and he might just wanted to be left in peace for a moment, so he agreed. Whichever the case, I believe that similar things happen to us every day.

I love the phrase “The steam roller effect” where you are pushed into a decision or a direction by someone that just takes control and you have had no time to think. Then there is the occasional acceptance to feel part of a group that you should not be part of or you change your ways to feel that you fit in or that you are as cool as they are. Sadly I see this quite often at our work. People will change their way of talking to match the people they work with, for example: someone will suddenly swear a lot to fit in with his colleagues. This also happens with substance abuse and how people are let astray, because they seek the wrong acceptance or they allow others to bully them into bad choices.

My dear friend, from my own experience I have found that the best group to be part of is the group that follow Jesus. Trying to fit in with the wrong crowd will only leave a void that you can never fill and scars that the enemy will use to haunt you all your life unless you change sides and join Jesus. To follow Jesus means that you will follow His voice and walk in His ways. This means that you will not allow other to push you in making bad choices or you will not be bullied into acceptance. And yes in some cases you will be an outcast and you will not be as popular as the ones on the wrong path, but one thing is sure, you will be popular with God and He is the one that you should impress, not people.

Come with me today and stand your ground, do not be pushed into a wrong choice or decision by people, but instead let God guide your choices and let us follow His ways in His Word.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus