Thursday, 16 January 2014

Today Reminder – 16 January 2014 (Day 12 – A New Horizon)

A reminder for today
Who may worship in your sanctuary, LORD? Who may enter your presence on your holy hill? Those who lead blameless lives and do what is right, speaking the truth from sincere hearts. Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbours or speak evil of their friends. Those who despise flagrant sinners, and honour the faithful followers of the LORD, and keep their promises even when it hurts. Those who lend money without charging interest, and who cannot be bribed to lie about the innocent. Such people will stand firm forever. (Psalm 15)

Every horizon is filled with a variety of colour. Especially when the sun rises and breaks the darkness I love those reds and oranges that paint the sky as the new day dawns. Variety is something that we are very familiar with in our country as we commonly known as the rainbow nation. When I look at variety it is not only the different races that we have in country but the differences that there is between us.

God must surely love variety, because He made so many different varieties in the world. The variety I want us to focus on in our new horizon is the variety that is within us. God made us with a variety of talents and it is important that we use those to honour Him. Each one of us has a different personality (some more than other) and in that difference or variety lies the key to our purpose in life and the very reason God made you and placed you where you are. 

But in all our varieties we need an area where we are the same and that is our religion and our God. And we need to honour Him with our lives so that we can live out our purpose and glorify Him in each moment.

Here are a few things that David writes that will help us to stand firm forever: (1) Lead a blameless life and speak the truth. (2) Refuse to gossip. (3) Despise blatant sinners and honour faithful followers of the Lord. (4) Do not let yourself be bribed to lie.

Let us use our variety and honour our Lord with a variety of blessings.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus