Friday, 31 January 2014

Today Reminder – 31 January 2014 (Day 23 – A New Horizon)

A reminder for today
Declare me innocent, O LORD, for I have acted with integrity; I have trusted in the LORD without wavering.  (Psalm 26:1)

Today is the last day of January and the end of the first month of 2014. The year started with a bang and time is running away with us. Before you know it we will be half way through this year by the way everything rushes now. Our new horizon was once a distant shore and now we are firmly on the ground and heading towards our goals. 

By the end of this year these words of David is something that we should have in our hearts. We should look to the Lord and say that we acted with integrity and that we trusted the Lord without wavering. There are so many bad and evil things in this world and we are constantly exposed to things that are designed by the enemy to create distance between us and the Lord.

In this Psalm David point out a few things and I just wish to share them with you, because in our journey on this new horizon we will need to be strong and courageous so that we will not fall into the traps that the enemy has laid for us. 

For I am always aware of your unfailing love, and I have lived according to your truth.
I do not spend time with liars or go along with hypocrites.

I hate the gatherings of those who do evil, and I refuse to join in with the wicked.

I always say that if you spend time with negative people you will eventually become negative. So let us run form the wrong crowd and seek the light of Jesus. Let us refuse to be influenced by the wicked and turn away from the gatherings of those who do evil. Stay away from liars and hypocrites and stand firm against their influences.

When you accept Jesus as your saviour and you turn away from your old life to the new life that you now have in Jesus, you stand on solid ground, and you can publicly praise the LORD. He is your rock, your refuge and your strength. Nothing can take that away and nothing can move you when you are rooted in His solid ground. So all I say is come 2014, do your worst. I am rooted in Jesus and I see a bright new horizon for us where we will see many amazing miracles and do even more amazing things, because our God has no limitations and we should not live a limited life.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus