Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Today Reminder – 20 May 2015 (Day 12 – Darkness)

A reminder for today
To open their eyes, so they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God. Then they will receive forgiveness for their sins and be given a place among God's people, who are set apart by faith in me. (Acts 26:18)

I am fighting against a multitude of feelings. It was the day of our divorce settlement in court and I have been trying to focus on the future and to put the past behind me. Instead of letting it go its way they published it all on facebook. With that came comments that not only burned to my bone but caused an unexplainable amount of pain in my family. It devastated my Mom and upset my sister whom in turn confronted them. This just added to the anger on both sides and ended the day in more hurt.

I have been sorry for my mistakes and I have said it a hundred times to my ex-wife that I am so sorry for her pain and sorrow. Yesterday morning I walked upstairs and said it again. She hugged me and said that she forgave me, but it is funny how the hurtful comments of other still remain. For a moment I was back in that dark corner trying to escape the light and sinking into my own despair.

The Lord opened my eyes with those close to me, and turned my darkness back to light again. I will not allow the power of satan to steal my hope and rob me of my faith. In Him I have forgiveness and I have a place among God’s people. My faith sets me apart from the guild and judgemental stones that hurts so bad. 

I look up at these waves that towers over me and I know that He is my help and fortress. My help comes from you Lord. You carry my hopelessness, my brokenness and my hurt on your shoulders. You carry me on your shoulders. I am because you are.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus