Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Today Reminder – 02 February 2016

A reminder for today
Why was I ever born? My entire life has been filled with trouble, sorrow, and shame. (Jeremiah 20:18)

Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists and a person's sense of resolve or determination. Every one of us is designed and made with purpose. Each one of has been given a combination of talents to achieve that purpose and each one us has a set type of personality to make this purpose a reality within the kingdom of God. When God looked at you and designed you He had a perfect plan and perfect idea. Nothing God ever does is hampered by imperfections and yet we are so quick to see imperfections in our self and in our abilities. If you have ever questioned why you were born you are in fact listening to the wrong voice. This is the voice of the enemy and the type of things he wishes you to think and live. He knows better than you what your abilities are and because he fears the day you bring it all together, he will continuously try and hamper your progress. 

You have got the right stuff to do the right thing. There is a purpose for your design and why you have been created. There is a reason you are here and within that reason you will glorify God, because your purpose is indeed His purpose for you were made by His idea. You are creation of a master architect and you must find the resolve and determination to stand up and live your purpose. Your life is there for His glory and you are where you for His glory. Do not allow the enemy to convince you otherwise. You have purpose!

Lord, let us hear your voice and live out our purpose so that you will be glorified in all that we do and in all that we are. In Jesus name. 

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus.