Monday, 10 March 2014

Today Reminder – 10 March 2014 (Day 6 – My Strength)

A reminder for today
Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper—it only leads to harm. For the wicked will be destroyed, but those who trust in the LORD will possess the land. (Psalm 37:8-9)

I can’t help to think about road rage and selfish anger when I read these verses. People can get so angry on the roads and in most instances without reason. Here in Pretoria and I guess many other places in our country we have a constant challenge on the roads caused by what we call “mini bus taxis”. Their irresponsible and lawless way of driving has caused so many upsets and anger on the roads and what is worse is their “don’t-care” attitudes when being reprimanded by angry motorists. Many have fallen by losing their tempers at these misfits of the taxi industry.

Anger is not only caused on the roads but it is spurred on in our homes and at our places of work by either irresponsible people or unwanted or unneeded circumstances. We allow the enemy to worm their way into our private lives and cause upset and anger where it is mostly not needed or wanted.

David writes out of experience that we must stop being angry and turn away from rage, because it only leads to harm. I have heard and seen so many anger moments only turn into hurt and harm. To get angry never resolves anything, but it surely can create more pain and hurt. Anger not only causes irrational thinking but it drains our spiritual strength. It removes logic and stops us from hearing God’s voice clearly. To follow anger is to turn away from God. I don’t say that you should never get upset. What I am saying is that your anger must be controlled and channelled against evil and that you should get upset at what is important and bring it to God. 

The next line says that the wicked will be destroyed and those who trust in the Lord will possess the land. I believe that if we allow God to destroy the wicked and remain faithfully trusting the Lord, we will possess the land. This to me means that we will be victorious over all that the enemy can throw at us, because our strength does not lie in our own ability, but in our trust and faith in Jesus Christ. We will possess the land but God will destroy the enemy and all who follows their ways.

Nothing should ever create distance between us and the Lord, least of all anger caused by the enemy. Don’t let the enemy drain your strength with unnecessary anger but let God restore your strength with patience and composure.  

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus