Thursday, 15 May 2014

Today Reminder – 15 May 2014 (Day 11 – Everywhere)

A reminder for today
But the love of the LORD remains forever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children's children of those who are faithful to his covenant, of those who obey his commandments! (Psalm 103:17-18)

The poor and the needy are on my mind today. Those who struggle to make ends meet and those with a continuous battle to pay the bills and keep food on the table. These parents that goes above and beyond to give only the best to their children which means that they have to give up on certain things to be able to provide for their families. Those who struggle every day, not knowing if it will ever change, and the poor man or woman on the street looking to their fellow man for help.

These people are on my mind and in my heart today as I look to our Lord to bring ease to their burdens and lighten their loads. Today the Lord is in our hearts and in the hearts of the millions of people that make time to give from their self to help these people in need. Yes those like you. The very people that give without expecting anything back. The heroes that we never see in the movies, the superman and woman that does not need a cape nor do they need super vision to see where the need is.

The Lord is in those hearts that gives and keeps on giving even when they do not have much to give. His salvation extends to the children’s children of those who are faithful to His covenant and obey His commandments. His love remains forever and He will surely bless you beyond your imagination for the love that you so freely give and for your heart that loves so easily without judgement.

You are the real heroes and you show Jesus to a dark world. Thank you my friend for your selflessness and your pure hearts. I see Jesus in you.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus