Thursday, 10 July 2014

Today Reminder – 10 July 2014 (Day 08 – War)

A reminder for today
He is my loving ally and my fortress, my tower of safety, my rescuer. He is my shield, and I take refuge in him. He makes the nations submit to me. (Psalm 144:2)

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing… I keep thinking of these lyrics today and for a moment I wondered about that. When we look at war or wars in general we are quick to say that there is nothing good in it, and rightfully so, because out of war comes death and disaster. People lose loved ones and many lose their homes and in most cases out of another’s greed. I think that war is a result of bad people (evil if you wish) being opposed by good people (If we look at the world wars). Today many of the wars in the African continent are out of greed and power lust. Life has become cheap in the selfish hunger of those whom desire what is not theirs to take.

Our daily battles are not very different from the wars we see on television. In many cases our battles are out of selfishness and pride. In some cases our battles are the cause of desire and a need for something that is not necessary meant for us. We get confused by bad media and the terrible morals that we see on television. So we desire and in our selfish needs we cause tremors on our own emotions that end up in arguments that we could have avoided if we followed God’s advice. 

Don’t for a moment think that I am purely speculating. I am talking out of experience. Jip, there are many battles I have had in my life that would have never happened had I listen to the Lord and not my own desire and need. It is sad so say that we learn from our mistakes when if we had listened to God, we might never had to endure the pain. Lately I focus a lot on content and what it means in the Christian world. That is why I picked these words today: He is my fortress, my tower of safety and my rescuer. My shield and in Him I find refuge. When we are in Him we become content and in this life with Jesus we will find a freedom that is indescribable. As we seek refuge from the world in Him we will become more like Him and the worldly will become less.  

When in the midst of our daily battles we should not seek our own desire and our own need. We should seek Him first and run to our fortress. We must take refuge in Him, our tower of safety. He will rescue us and show us the way forward. So in your battles today, remember your place of safety and call on your Rescuer. He will shield you and make the nations (problems) submit to you.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus