Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Today Reminder – 22 July 2014 (Day 16 – War)

A reminder for today
How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! (Psalm 147:5)

Sometimes our own personal battles can have quite a negative effect on us. I guess a lot of what happens with us on our journey that causes conflict is part of design. You see we are designed each with unique purposes and sometimes we choose to do something that is against what we were designed for and then we end up in situations that we are not comfortable with. These unwanted situations that we find ourselves in is then exploited by the enemy and it can cause a huge amount of discomfort in our own lives.

Yes, it is once again choices that we make against the very heart and direction of the Father. We like to do our own thing and fallow our own ways. I wonder about this at times. I wonder why the Father would allow us to do something that is against His will. I would think about my own kids and how I always try and warn them against mistakes that I know will cause and injury and how they just ignore my warnings and do it anyway. 

When I see this I realise that I am still a 6 year old making mistakes that the Father warns me against or warned me against. Only difference is that some of our mistakes are hard to fix or to change and we end up living with the result for the rest of our lives. When I read these verses it just opened my eyes to the way the Lord reacts to our faults. You see when my son makes the mistake and gets hurt, I comfort him and we clean his wounds and put a bandage on to make him feel better. 

In the same way the Lord understands and His understanding is beyond comprehension, which means that He understands our mistakes much better than we could ever do ourselves. In the same way He will comfort us and take away our pain. He will carry us home and bandage our wounds. His power is absolute and in His power we will find our strength to carry on as He cleans our wounds and help us back on our feet.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus