Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Today Reminder – 02 June 2015 (Day 2 – Break the walls)

A reminder for today
It is the LORD who created the stars the Pleiades and Orion. He turns darkness into morning and day into night.
He draws up water from the oceans and pours it down as rain on the land. The LORD is his name! (Amos 5:8)

This past weekend must have been my worst weekend ever. We had to tell the kids and my eldest son wanted to stay with me. Unfortunately that is not possible for he is still too young and here it is documented that children of their age must remain with the mother. My heart shattered into a million pieces and it took a lot to calm him and reassure him that all will be fine.

There were moments that I looked up desperately seeking Him. The Holy Spirit must have taken over, because in the midst of a huge argument He calmed me and made me see that He is there and all will be fine. I was so angry. I felt those walls rise up but the Lord came and destroyed them. He came and strengthened me. He came and turned my darkness into morning.

I felt helpless and defeated. This scripture just lifted my spirits. You see He created the stars and the Pleiades and Orion. Nothing is impossible for this God we worship. He draws up water from the ocean and lets it rain on the land. We might be in the midst of one of the greatest tests of our lives. We might find ourselves facing impossible odds. 

What you need to remember today is that the LORD is his name!  And He will not us face challenges above our own abilities. He is the Lord and nothing is impossible with Him. Let the rain from our oceans pour over the walls that made so that they will crumble and fall. 

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus