Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Today Reminder – 09 April 2014 (Day 7 – My Life)

A reminder for today
Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me—now let me rejoice. (Psalm 51:8)

Have you ever wondered how much you are worth? Your life, how much is it worth? A lot of us go through an emotion where we feel like an outsider. We feel that we are not as great as other people and we might feel embarrassed, because of how we look or how we talk. This makes you shy and uncomfortable among people and sometimes it can hurt, because people can be mean and nasty to you. In most cases it is not what they do but what they say.

When I was in school I felt like that a lot. I was smaller than most boys and I was unable to do sport, because of sickness so needless to say I was never part of the popular groups. This in its own had quite a negative impact on me and made me make a number of bad choices and huge mistakes. 

But then the Lord came and changed all this. Did you know that you are so important to the Lord that He gave up His life and died for you? How many of your friends would do that? Did you know that after that He came and made His home in you? This means that the creator of heaven and earth considers you so worthy that He made you His temple. Then too top it all He stands by your side day and night making sure that you are well taken care off and that you have all you need. 

Now let me ask you again: Your life, how much is it worth? 

After school the Lord blessed me with huge successes in sport and I spend a lot of time in the gym which means that now when I see some of my old school buddies things are a little different. The Lord blessed my hard work with huge results and as much as the enemy tries to break my determination with sickness and injuries, the Lord blesses me twice as much with success. Every morning when I glorify Him with my training session, I am grateful for the abilities that He blessed me with.

So, why do you bother with what other think and say when it is so clear that the Lord is so impressed with you? Let us look at ourselves and our lives with Jesus eyes so that you can see how much you are truly worth. No matter who you are or how you look, you are a child of God and He died for you. You are worth so much more than you think. Nothing should be able to convince you otherwise. There are no drugs or substances that can do what Jesus does. You do not need pills to make you feel better when you realise how wonderfully perfect you are. 

Know this: Within you dwells an almighty God and nothing is impossible for Him. I have seen it in my life and I know you will too. 

Your joy is about to come back in abundance.

Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus