Monday, 21 April 2014

Today Reminder – 21 April 2014 (Day 15 – My Life)

A reminder for today
But may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness in you. May those who love your salvation
repeatedly shout, "God is great!" (Psalm 70:4)

This is my birth month and my birthday is in the next view days, so my wife decided to host a surprise party for me on Saturday. I must admit I was quite surprised since I did not suspect anything. I have never been one for birthday parties nor do enjoy the attention, but what was so nice is to see all the people together that not only formed a vital part of my life but also those who has made and is still making a huge impact in my life. 

For a moment I was just quiet and watched as God once more showed me the magnitude of His grace and His blessings over my life. These verses are for me and you my friend. I am constantly searching for God and I must say that my life is filled with joy and gladness. I just want to repeatedly shout “God is great!”

God has once again showed me how important people are in our lives and how they play a vital role in our day to day way of life. I keep thinking of the feeling that went through me when the doors opened and I saw my family and friends and my awesome work colleagues. It is a feeling that I cannot describe to you. All I can say is that that feeling must be how God feels every time we go down on our knees and pray. It is almost a familiar feeling, a homely feeling, a feeling of belong, a feeling of joy and gladness, a pure feeling full of love.

Then there were a few of my friends that were not there and I could feel the emptiness and how I would’ve wanted them to be there. Again it made me think of God wanting to hear your prayer but there is only silence. As much as I long for the company of my friends, God longs for your prayers. 

Let us reunite ourselves with the Lord as we take more time to talk to Him and pray for all. I can see how our prayers will change hearts and bring people to God. I can see so many accepting Jesus as their saviour. I can see you and me standing together with our Lord. I can see a new earth filled with joy and gladness.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus