Monday, 17 November 2014

Today Reminder – 17 November 2014 (Day 11 – Moments)

A reminder for today
Tell the godly that all will be well for them. They will enjoy the rich reward they have earned! (Isaiah 3:10)

The last couple of days in this month have been difficult. The enemy have tried almost every possible thing to break my will and make me fall. I guess there are good days and bad days - days when all goes well and days when all falls apart. So today I stand on a mountain and I am looking out over the valley that lies ahead. The mountain is where I am currently in my journey and the valley that lies ahead of me is the times that still await me. Each one of us has to cross our valley (or valleys) and come up on the other side. When I look down into this valley it looks like a maze with many little roads and walk ways that winds and curls into each other. From where I stand it is difficult to trace the correct path that leads to the other side. Besides the maze of roads there are huge rocks and rivers that you must cross. There are wild animals and dangerous snakes. 

For a moment it feels just fine to stay where I am and not to enter this valley. But when I look at the other side where I am supposed to be, it is rich with water and food. There are so much more there than here where I am now.
As I stand here contemplating my options I hear a voice - “Tell the godly that all will be well for them.”

Come my friend and let us take the first step towards tomorrow. This journey is going to be tough and dreadful at every corner and the roads are a maze filled with danger everywhere we are headed. But it is like that for those who do not believe, because for us it is all just a moment and we have a guide.

Run wild, live free and love strong.

Have an awesome day dear friend of Jesus