Friday, 11 September 2015

Today Reminder – 11 September 2015 (Day 9 – Dear Lord)

A reminder for today

Dear Lord, today I have a deep sense of appreciation for all you have done for me thus far. My heart reaches out towards you in a needy manner, because I so long for more of you. I pray that you give us wisdom and a clear mind in this day and that you will guide us through each hurdle and lead us through each confrontation. I pray for a Sprit that fears none and conquers all. Lord I ask that you fill us today with your love so that it will pour over to those around us and touch those that so need it. I pray for the lost and ask that you will open their eyes and show them the way. I pray for all our insecurities and I ask that you replace them with confidence and hope. I pray for all our mistakes and ask that you use them to teach us and guide us. I pray for all our problems and I ask that you minimize them with your presence and teach us to walk by faith. I pray for all my friends reading your blog today and I ask that you touch each one individually and bless them in all they do and lead them through all they will face and lift them up to place where your glory will resonate all over the world.

In Jesus name


Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus