Friday, 18 September 2015

Today Reminder – 18 September 2015 (Day 14 – Dear Lord)

A reminder for today

Dear Lord, today we ask for a calm and focussed spirit that will make us determined through each and every challenge that this day may have and bring. I pray for wisdom in each challenge so that we will make the correct choices and follow the right path.

I pray for the poor and needy and I ask that you will bring a time of abundance into their lives so that they can discover the vast expanse of your love and mercy. I pray for love, Lord, and I ask that we will love completely and fully and that we will accept and be contempt with our lives and our blessings that we receive each day. I pray that we will use our talents and invest in your kingdom with them. I pray that we will glorify you in all that we do so that we will become more like you Lord.

I pray for all the wonderful people that is reading your blog today and I ask that you will bless them and keep them and hold them through this day. I pray that they will see your wonder and feel your love as this day blooms into a day filled with you. And as they find their way home today I ask that you will go with them and keep them safe. I pray that you will bless their sleep and give them a wonderful rest so that tomorrow will be a day where you will be clearer to them than the star filled skies over Africa.

In Jesus name


Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus