Monday, 14 September 2015

Today Reminder – 14 September 2015 (Day 10 – Dear Lord)

A reminder for today

Dear Lord, today I lay myself down at your feet and I open my heart to you once more so that you can fill me with your Spirit and renew the very core of me to realign myself with you. I open my heart and mind so that you can guide me and restore me back to how you want me to be. Lord I have still so much in my life that I need to address and that I need to change for your glory. I still need forgiveness for I struggle to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made and I still need to let go of those that makes me negative. I need to trust you with the workload that we need to do and I need to forgive those that caused pain and grief in my life. I need to clear myself and allow you to fill me with you so I will become more like you and less like me. I still need so much healing not only mentally but also physically and I trust that in my process of renewal all will fall in place.

I pray for all your followers that so diligently reads your blog each day. I pray that you will bless them so much that they will stand amazed at the wonder of your works. I pray that you will touch each of their hearts with love and pray for recovery and healing where there is injury and pain. I pray for freedom where there is bondage and I pray for forgiveness where there is hurt. 

Let us lift our hands and worship you today so that we will glorify you in all we do.

In Jesus name


Have and awesome day dear friend of Jesus