Friday, 24 March 2017

Today Reminder – 24 March 2017

A reminder for today
I will thank the LORD because he is just; I will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High. (Psalm 7:17)

It is Friday and I want to do one of those jump in the air and sing with joy moves. It was a short week, but it was a tough one. I will have to come in to the office tomorrow to finish some of the work that this little week created. It is amazing how God is so constantly active in our lives and how He just comes in and calms the storm. I am thinking about Paul and how he faced truly hard challenges in his time. How he was always so motivated and focussed and how he just never gave up. Look at how he starts his letter to Timothy: This letter is from Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus, appointed by the command of God our Savior and Christ Jesus, who gives us hope. (1 Timothy 1)

What did Paul do when times were good - he worshipped God with a joyful heart. What did Paul do when times were hard – he worshipped God with a joyful heart.

So today we will give praises to God and worship Him. We will sing of His majesty and glorify His name. We will give thanks to the Lord for He is just and we will sing praise to His name. We will celebrate Him in all that we do and all that we are. 

There is nothing in this world that can ever bring us down, when we are anchored in Jesus Christ. I love what Jessica Drown wrote on her website. HOWEVER, guess what? There is GOOD news! The enemy never took me out once, didn’t even come close. Why? Because I’m anchored in Christ alone. The only one constant, never changing, expressing endless love, restoration, and comfort, is Jesus Christ as this I had received so many years earlier post salvation.

There is only one constant that we should hold on and that is Jesus Christ.

Lord, we give you our hearts and we give you our souls. Come and reign in our lives so that we will shine your light and break the grip of the enemy. Lead us away from temptation and guide us on journey. Help us as we wear your armour so that we can defeat the enemy. In Jesus name.

Have an awesome day, dear friend of Jesus.